Solutions & services for GDPR and CCPA compliance Read More

Solutions & services for GDPR and CCPA compliance Read More

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MyPreferences® Campaign

MyPreferences® Campaign lets customers correct the conversation

Avoid the dreaded global unsubscribe by offering "opt-downs" - the ability to change frequency of email delivery or to only receive emails about products or services of interest.

I want to avoid opt-outs. Tell me more.

Onsite Evaluation & Knowledge Transfer

What you get with MyPreferences® Campaign

  • Initial branding & configuration of email campaigns
  • Set up of 2 administrative users
  • Branded email opt-down page
  • Ability to use email service providers of your choice
  • Easy-to-use management console
Research shows that nearly 65% of people opt-out of emails because the content is not relevant or timely.

How you can use MyPreferences® Campaign

  • Mobile Compliance


    Use management console to search on opt-ins & opt-outs by customer

  • Correct


    Use preferences to re-target future campaigns & correct the conversation

  • List Management


    Access campaign & program level reporting

  • List Hygiene


    Use third party survey tools; get bulk data access for list management

And lots more!

I want to avoid opt-outs. Tell me more.

We ensure your success

Included with your MyPreferences® Campaign account at no additional charge:


Access to live agent support


Full electronic documentation


Configuration of new communication programs


Configuration of your branded customer-facing web pages

WHITEPAPER: Preference Management Implementation: A Phased Approach