Drive Digital Adoption to Reduce Expenses

PossibleNOW helps complex, multi-tiered organizations identify core areas to reduce expenses by driving digital adoption leading to print suppression throughout their customer base, to the tune of $9.2m in annual savings.

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Invoice Cost Reduction


Catalog Distribution Cost Reduction


4.5 million Invoices & Envelopes Saved
1.6 million Catalogs Saved


Challenge & Solution

Company Overview

Our client company, comprised of subsidiaries and affiliated companies, is a successful, multi-faceted enterprise of a variety of multi-channel retail brands and operational support companies, delivering a wide array of products to individual consumers.

The company umbrella contains ten distinct catalogues, including selections like subscription food deliveries, apparel for women, lifestyle décor and seasonal trends, and more.

The Challenge:
Reducing Costs via Print Suppression and Driving Digital Adoption

While digital shopping and subscription orders are part of their strategy, they still spend a tremendous amount of money on print catalogues and mailers. Identifying which customers want which product offerings is critical to their bottom line, as is identifying which potential customers are most likely to have which interests.

The client had a desperate need for extremely targeted direct mail campaigns, while simultaneously encouraging people to utilize their online or digital offerings. An equally important drive was fostering digital adoption for billing purposes, encouraging customers to go paperless for any communications outside catalogue mailers. Not only did these cost savings initiatives help the bottom line, they also supported the companies Go Green initiatives that helped the environment.

They had the following objectives:

  • Develop extremely targeted direct mail campaigns
  • Encourage people to utilize their online or digital offerings
  • Foster digital adoption for billing purposes, encouraging customers to go paperless for any communications outside catalogue mailers
  • Support their organizations Go Green initiatives

Solution #1

A/P Department Paper Invoice Savings

PossibleNOW worked with the client company’s team to help sort and identify different subsets of customer personas with a specific focus on print suppression.

In the accounting department alone, our client was able to save almost $1.00 per bill or invoice, for $4m annual savings since they began the campaign of encouraging digital adoption in 2016.

Objective: Increase electronic delivery adoption for billing statements

Case Study Print Suppression

Solution #2

Catalog Distribution Print Suppression

Regarding print suppression of physical mailers, since 2016, they have seen nearly 400k customers opt to move to digital catalogues and online ordering. With an average of 4 catalogs per customer per year at an average cost of $3.25, they see an annual savings of $5.2M.

The company started with a pilot program that consisted of email, mail inserts, and website enrollment. After the successful start, they deployed the program at scale across the organization. This included providing tools and training to call center and support operations staff who then began promoting it as an option, and adoption surged. They saw a slight downtick during the start of the Covid pandemic, but print suppression numbers and digital adoption continue to rise.

Retail company print suppression adoption

Suppression Adoption

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