Customer Insight Management Platform

Collect customer feedback, survey, and opinion data everywhere along the customer journey.


Customer feedback, survey, and opinion data, provides valuable insights for delivering relevant customer experiences.


Leverage Leading Technology to Collect Customer Insights.

Leverage our industry-leading technology to collect customer feedback, survey, and opinion data directly from your customers and prospects. Doing so provides a comprehensive customer view, enabling highly personalized experiences. Our technology integrates with existing survey and feedback platforms, across touchpoints, such as websites, mobile apps, and CRMs. We then consolidate the insight data into our customer preference center for easy management by both you and your customers.

Companies that earn $1 billion a year, earn up to an additional $700 million over three years by investing in CX.

-- QualtricsXM: 'ROI of CX, 2020'

Collect Customer Insights from All Sources.

It's important to demonstrate that you are listening to your customers. Our technology facilitates this throughout the customer lifecycle, from prospecting to point-of-sale to support. Gather insights and feedback at every digital or person-to-person touchpoint, create a comprehensive customer profile, and provide customers personalized experiences in return.

Preference Centers

Customers can provide feedback through preference centers, enabling companies to engage in a relevant dialogue.

Customer Surveys

Surveys target specific topics, products, or services among a selected group of customers.

Opinion Surveys

Collected via phone, website, or app, these short and contextual surveys provide valuable insights into individual preferences.

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