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DNC Checker - DNCSolution

Trust - Maintain Compliance with all Contact Methods


Maintain Compliance with All Contact Methods

DNCSolution, a DNC checker by PossibleNOW, provides compliance with all contact methods, including Call, Email, Text, and Mail.

Our platform provides a safe and secure way of cleaning, removing, or flagging phone numbers, email addresses, and more from your contact lists and databases.

We scrub against federal- and state-maintained Do Not Contact registries such as Do Not Call, Do Not Email, Do Not Text, and Do Not Mail. DNCSolution helps you mitigate the risk of being out of compliance with TCPA, CASL, and CAN-SPAM regulations.

DNCSolution integrates across your organization. Simplify management, mitigate compliance risk, and get detailed real-time reporting.

Achieving Significant ROI While Improving CX

Build Trust

When you honor opt-outs in an efficient and responsive way, you boost your brand’s reputation, increase customer retention, and improve overall program results.

World-Class Infrastructure

Our SOC 2 compliant platform supports the high-volume DNC scrubbing and maximum service availability needs of direct marketers.

Customer-Focused Support

We provide the outstanding support and training that you expect and deserve.

Integration Capability

Integrate DNCSolution into your current technology - such as Salesforce, Oracle, Eloqua, Microsoft Dynamics, and many more.

Self Service

Provide customers an easy to use self-service application.

Integrate with MyPreferences

Integrate into our enterprise consent & preference management solution, to collect opt-ins, opt-downs, opt-outs in one solution to ensure campaign results while maintaining compliance. 


Do Not Call Compliance

DNcall lets you focus on your marketing efforts while ensuring compliance with all relevant Do Not Call laws for telephone numbers, including the TCPA and wireless regulations, including the Reassigned Number Database, and access to a list of known TCPA litigators.

  • Standard features: Whether you have one call center making telemarketing calls or an agent network that numbers in the thousands – DNcall can fit your Do Not Call compliance needs as a DNC lookup service. It offers high-volume call scrubbing against all relevant DNC list databases, including state, federal, wireless, and company-specific lists.
  • Optional features: Ensure TCPA and mobile compliance with our wireless e-signature compliance application, our established business relationship manager (EBR Manager), or DNCQuickcheck, which integrates into CRMs, so your agents can instantly check the >Do Not Call status of phone numbers.
  • Managed Services: Ease the burden and expense of compliance by outsourcing any or all your internal marketing compliance operation to the experts at PossibleNOW.

DNcall - Do Not Call Compliance

DNCSolution Pricing Starts at $150 / Month


DNemail - Do Not Email


Do Not Email

We provide the ability to process and manage your email list via API or file-based scrubbing against four databases: the DMA Do Not Email list, the FTC domain list, your internal database of Do Not Email requests, as well as any data captured via MyPreferences.

  • Email list scrubbing: Amazingly fast, high-volume scrubbing through API.
  • DNEmail Quickcheck: Allows checking of single email addresses.
  • Integrate with existing systems: Leverage Web Services to integrate email compliance processes into any system such as CRMs or MyPreferences.
  • Complete self-service application: "One-click" solution for prospects and customers - easily comply with CAN-SPAM or CASL requirements.
  • Manage opt-out requests: Easily customize how you want to collect opt-out or unsubscribe requests e.g., company-wide, by product, campaign, division or department.
  • Provides scrub receipts: Protects you during an inquiry.
  • Maintains historical archive: All opt-out requests are stored and available if needed.

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Do Not Text

Mobile marketing carries unique compliance challenges. The TCPA requires that any business or organization must receive express consent from consumers prior to sending any automated SMS text messages. A company may no longer rely on established business relationship data to make telephone solicitations via text.

With DNtext from DNCSolution, your marketing teams can:

  • Comply with TCPA: Conduct mobile marketing campaigns while complying with TCPA, CASL, & other applicable laws.
  • Centralize Opt-out Requests: Collect & manage opt-out requests in a central repository to maintain compliance.
  • Maximize Revenue: Feel confident that your direct marketing efforts are maximizing revenue potential.

DNtext - Do Not Text

Mitigate TCPA Risk


DNmail - Do Not Mail


Do Not Mail

With rising postal costs, it’s critical that direct mail pieces reach your intended audience – and that recipients want to receive it! Boost mail deliverability to reduce costs and improve the effectiveness of your direct mail campaigns.

  • Honor Do Not Mail requests from your customers and prospects.
  • Maintain compliance with third-party lists, such as the Direct Marketing Association’s (DMA) lists, the Deceased Do Not Contact list or the DMAChoice list.
  • Remove duplicate records or append a secondary address for a contact.
  • Utilize the National Change of Address (NCOA) database.
  • Standardize address output to improve the accuracy of carrier route, zip code, and more.
  • Use our Delivery Point Validation service to ensure the address is correctly formatted, and that the address exists.

Operational and Monitoring Services

We offer operational and monitoring services designed to relieve you of ongoing operational tasks.

Do Not Call Compliance Managed Services

Do Not Call Compliance Managed Services

Simplify your compliance efforts by outsourcing your operational tasks to us. We leverage 20+ years of expertise in Do Not Call compliance, technology, and professional services to help you maintain regulatory compliance. We utilize current DNC list databases including the National DNC Registry, CAN-SPAM, Do Not Text, and all relevant state DNC regulations in compliance with the FTC’s Telemarketing Sales Rule.

Do Not Call List Management

Do Not Call List Management

We can compile and maintain all phone numbers in Do Not Call lists that you licensed based on your specifications and calling requirements - including optional lists such as the Iconectiv Wireless Portability list or your own company-specific internal DNC list.

We have stringent processes of phone validation, acquisition, and verification of all Do Not Call data. And we warrant the accuracy and timeliness of the Do Not Call databases.

Registration Support Services

Registration Support Services

The majority of states have a registration requirement and the process varies for each one. Obtaining a Telemarketing License/Permit can be tedious, time-consuming, and confusing. We can simplify your compliance with our Telemarketer Registration Support Service (TRSS), providing a convenient way for telemarketers to become registered in all desired state and federal jurisdictions, and to purchase any required Do Not Call lists.

Mobile Scoring

Are you confident that your customers have given prior express written consent to be contacted by cell phone? Are you sure they are still associated with that phone number?

By following a confidence scoring system, segment your database as to which mobile phone numbers present the least-to-greatest risk to call or text. Reduce risk of significant fines by showing good faith effort to verify right party contact.

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