Case Study: Establish a Central Repository for Consent & Preference Data​

PossibleNOW has helped PG&E, Ingram Micro, Whirlpool, JLL, and Colony Brands eliminate siloed data by providing centralized preference & consent management solutions.

Providing Powerful Results


Global Opt-Out Saves

Well-designed opt-down pages convert 60-90% of opt-outs to tailored opt-ins.


Total preferences and consents managed

Provides ability to maintain compliance and tailor customer content.


Total opt-ins captured

Gives customers a voice to share how they want brands to interact with them.

Challenges & Solutions

Challenge #1

Preference & Consent Data Silos

Many times, consent and preference data reside in various disconnected or unsynchronized systems. Companies need a way to eliminate silos and consolidate customer data. They need a single source of truth for consent and preferences, across all lines of business that is accessible to everyone who needs it.

Solution #1

Centralized Preferences & Consent

PossibleNOW’s advanced toolset can be tailored to meet data collection requirements across departments and various use cases. We then aggregate the consent and preference data into a centralized repository. Once this data is consolidated, it is shared via APIs across the organization. Consent and preference data silos from legacy systems can then be eliminated. This helps the company stay in compliance while still meeting customer communication expectations.

Centralized Consent Repository Is Foundational (Scotiabank)

Challenge #2

Haphazard Compliance Practices

As companies grow, whether organic expansion or through acquisitions, their compliance practices are often disjointed and haphazard. Each department utilizes different technologies, systems, and processes, making a consolidated approach to customer data privacy difficult. As regulations change and evolve, the company falls even further behind, putting them at risk of significant fines.

Our customers needed their data management processes to:

  • Comply with existing and emerging consent regulations.
  • Integrate into existing campaigns and systems such as Eloqua, Tibco’s Scribe, Adobe Experience Manager, and Google Analytics to simplify the tech stack and reduce data silos.

Solution #2

Model Compliance Practices

PossibleNOW helps our customers with regulatory requirements for TCPA, CPRA, GDPR, CASL, etc. We:

  • Provide a compliance audit, best practices, and education for state, federal, & international laws.
  • Assess explicit and implicit consent practices across all customer touchpoints and make consent collection recommendations.
  • Assess current opt-out practices to help prevent global opt-outs by leveraging an opt-down strategy.

MyPreferences collects consents and integrates them within a company’s existing tech stack. Our Integration Platform (iPaaS) has hundreds of prebuilt connectors (e.g., SFDC, Marketo, Eloqua, SAP, MS Dynamics) for standing up near real-time cloud-based integrations to keep systems current as regulations and data change over time. MyPreferences can also integrate via API with external systems.

Challenge #3

Disjointed Preference Data Strategy

Some companies struggled with too many unique preferences across the enterprise and need an organized plan to consolidate them. Others required granular preferences based on a customer’s unique profile but need a strategy across the enterprise for frequency, governance, and compliance.

When companies lack visibility across customer types, products, brands, geographies, languages, etc. they risk:

  • Being noncompliant.
  • Offering too many preferences, resulting in poor customer experiences and an unmanageable dataset.
  • Increasing the number of customers who globally opt out of all communications rather than a single communication opt-out strategy.

Solution #3

Cohesive Preference Data Strategy

PossibleNOW used a phased approach to help our customers determine what data they need to collect and maintain, where and how to store it, and how to best leverage it for ongoing success. Our process includes:

  • Taxonomy workshops to document full current & future preference and consent ecosystem(s)
  • An implementation roadmap to determine phased aggregation and consolidation of consents and preferences.
  • A preference and consent communications framework with best practices and use case development.
  • Program governance design for ongoing privacy compliance.
  • Implementation and support.
  • Systems analysis to assess ongoing performance.
Fulfillment Tools:
  • MyPreferences for consent and preference management.
  • DNCSolution for Do Not Contact compliance.
  • Data Services for mobile scoring – right party verification.

Guaranteed visibility to all my customers’ selections is key. If we can’t access all our customer provided consents and preferences, how can we be compliant and provide relevant content?

- Joshua Mann, Marketing Technology, Comcast

Ingram Micro Communications

Cohesive Preference Data Strategy

Ingram Micro had extensive email preferences given the complexity of their global organization. They provide thousands of products to distributors and VARs. They determined through strategic workshops and taxonomies to standardize a single set of preferences that would work for all lines of business and countries.

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