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Customer Preference Management Software

Go Beyond Marketing to Customers with Enterprise Preference Management

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    Be Heard

    The new breed of customer wants their voice to be heard. They want to control the conversation.

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    Engage Anywhere

    They want to engage with your company on their terms -- through the touchpoints that they prefer -- email, mobile, social, web site, contact center or any combination of these.


Build Trust and Maintain Compliance

Build trust and a more mutually beneficial relationship with your customers while maintaining compliance.


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Manage Customer Preferences with MyPreferences

People today are more connected and informed than ever before and expect a personalized experience with the brands and companies that they choose to engage with.

How well do you really know your customer? What does your customer want from you? The better you know your customers, the better that you can communicate with them. Understand who you should target and when, and that relevant communication translates into more loyal and engaged customers.

Preference Management

MyPreferences® is the technology that lets you accomplish all of this and more. You’ll learn what your prospects and customers have to say about their marketing, account servicing and privacy preferences by collecting, maintaining and updating their preferences.

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    Collect customer preferences at all touchpoints to enhance the overall customer experience.

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    Centralize & manage preference data so that you can know your customer beyond their transactions.

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    Increase customer engagement by providing more targeted & relevant communications based on customer preferences.

What is Enterprise Preference Management?

What is Enterprise Preference Management?

Preference management gives customers and prospects a voice in how they engage with your organization. Our technology enables you to hear that voice -- and honor it. By allowing customers and prospects to control how they wish to interact with your brand or organization, you build customer loyalty and engagement. And, you can do this across multiple channels -- email, mobile, social and more -- and get a single, unified view of each customer’s preference across the organization.

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77% of consumers say that companies should let them decide how they can contact them.

What is a customer preference?

  • A preference connects a
    person to a specific item...

    • Marketing campaign
    • Product interest
    • Activity alert
    • Account notification

    ...through a
    specific channel.

    • Email
    • Phone / text
    • Social media
    • Direct mail

Learn more about why customer preference matters.


Goverence Solutions & Services

Reduce Global Opt-Outs With Opt-Downs

Laws like CAN-SPAM require marketers to include an “opt-out” option in every communication. In order to meet only the basic requirements for compliance, some companies provide that option and no others. The reality is that 65% of communication opt-outs occur because the customer does not consider the email communication to be relevant or timely - not because they never want to hear from you again.

An effective opt-down strategy provides more granular opt-down options by category, product, or frequency while still maintaining compliance with email opt-out regulations. Companies who offer preference options to allow their customers to select a specific area of interest, channel of communication, or frequency of alerts often see between 60-90% in the number of customers who choose to remain in their marketing database.

Companies must engage their customers through the channels the customers prefer and are most comfortable using. This solution enables an open communication loop where customers are more willing to share detailed content about specific likes and dislikes because the company has shown a unique opportunity to share a personalized and relevant experience to them.

Enterprise Preference Management With Privacy by Design

MyPreferences was built with privacy by design, meaning it’s built specifically to adapt to ever-changing global privacy regulations. We don’t think about data privacy after the fact – it’s in the very core of MyPreferences. With privacy by design in mind, use MyPreferences to:

  • Capture express consent, update it, and revoke it if necessary
  • Honor communication preference of each customer
  • Reduce consumer compliance risk by ensuring that opt-outs for honored throughout your organization
  • Access customer preference data in real-time
  • Adapt to constantly changing privacy regulations, including GDPR, CCPA, and more

MyPreferences Features

Personalize Engagement. Support Privacy Compliance. Improve Marketing ROI.

  • Configure MyPreferences to your own customized interface
  • Ensure compliance with privacy regulations when collecting customer data
  • Collect and update express consent
  • Customize consent collection language and privacy policies as needed
  • Segment and organize customer preferences by various filters

Data Management is Key

  • Store customer preference data in a centralized repository that helps eliminate data silos in your organization
  • MyPreferences integrates with your existing business technology, including CRMs, ESPs, and others
  • Ensure privacy compliance with regulations like GDPR, DO Not Call, CAN-SPAM and CASL
  • Maintain a complete history of preference and consent data across your organization

Improve overall customer experience with personalized communications that honor the voice of your customer. Learn more.

MyPreferences Functionality

With enterprise preference management, you can go beyond opt-outs to handle yes or no responses, consent management, lifestyle preferences and more. Collect preferences for marketing, account servicing or privacy at multiple touchpoints like channels – email, mobile, social, etc – and applications – like account management, point of sale or IVR.

With MyPreferences, easily track when each preference is stated, changed, or expired. In geekspeak, MyPreferences® uses industry-standard Open API technology (SOAP and REST) and secure bulk data transfer technology. MyPreferences overcomes common enterprise complexity challenges by integrating with your existing business technology, like CRMs, campaign management tools or marketing automation systems.

So, ditch the generic marketing pitch and build relationships based on your customers’ preferences and permissions. MyPreferences offers multi-platform support and integrates into your interactive applications. Learn more.

MyPreferences Results

Enable more complete and responsive digital campaigns. Enterprise-wide knowledge of your customers’ preferences equals

  • Increased customer loyalty
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Improved marketing ROI
  • Higher lifetime customer value

With enterprise preference management, you can reduce global opt-outs between 60-90% (by enabling opt-ins instead). Reduce process complexity of your marketing programs by up to 90%. And improve customer engagement by as much as 50%, all by listening to the preferences they share and responding with targeted and personalized communications. Learn more.

What Our Customers Say

We could go on forever about the benefits of enterprise preference management, but sometimes it’s better to let our customers do the talking.

Listen to their challenges and solutions — and get inspired!


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