Consent & Preference Management Platform

Consent, preference, insight, and profile data

Gain a holistic view of your customers and enrich relationships with our consent & preference management platform, the most advanced purpose-built platform available for customer zero-party data.

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Pricing for growth companies start at $2000 / month

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Empower Sharing

Empower customers to share zero-party data (e.g., preference, profile, insight, and consent data) throughout their customer journey

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Gain Insights

Centralize & distribute customer insights to enable your organization to speak with one voice

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Build Trust

Improve customer lifetime value by providing personalized customer experiences. Maintain compliance by showing transparency and giving customers control over their personal data.

72% of adults say they personally benefit “very little” or “not at all” from company data
collected about them - Pew Research


How marketers can collect customer preferences in a data deprecation world

The world's leading zero-party data platform for managing profile, preference, consent, and insights across the enterprise

  • Transparency - Provide clarity at every step of the way on what data is being collected and how it's used.
  • Control - Provide consumers and the companies we serve with complete control over their preferences, choices, and consents.
  • Respect - Share data across the organization that honors customer choices at every interaction.
  • Value Exchange  - Establish reciprocity of value to enrich the relationship that turns customers into advocates.

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The Rise of the Empowered Consumer

With greater choice, more sources of information, and social media outlets to voice their opinions, consumers have never been more powerful and demanding. Modern marketers have adapted by taking a more customer-centric approach. They now nurture direct relationships with customers and engage them in customer journeys made up of highly personalized experiences across all touchpoints and channels. The result is not only empowered consumers, but empowered companies as well.

Build trust by delivering content your customers want

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Trusted Relationships Are Based on Both Parties Receiving Value

When customers share information and insights about themselves such as preference, profile and consent data, we refer to it as zero-party data. This data is ideal for personalization because it is provided directly from customers. When companies use this insight to provide relevant and valuable experiences in return, customers are motivated to continue to share information with them. We call this “reciprocity of value.” It’s the foundation of healthy long-term relationships.

Trusted Relationships

Forrester: ROI of Zero Party Data - Building Customer Trust

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Growth companies of today are large companies of the future. Companies of all size need an enterprise-class consent & preference management platform

Many solutions only work within one application and channel, which is a very limited approach. MyPreferences enables companies from SMB to large complex enterprises to hear their customers’ voices across multiple brands, departments, and channels -- email, mobile, social, web -- and centralize that into a single, unified view of each customer’s preference, profile and insight data.

No matter the size of your company, you need a solution to grow with you. Our technology provides a scalable solution for all companies, providing a 360-degree customer view to allow businesses to consistently honor customer wishes - which drives customer loyalty and topline revenue.


Deploying an Enterprise Class Solution Requires Experts

Deploying technology in large organizations is always challenging. Zero-Party Data Platforms are no exception.

  • Global compliance regulations are in constant flux
  • Business requirements vary across operating units, product lines, and geographies
  • Technology requires configuration, customization, and integration
  • Specialized focus is needed
  • Solutions must be built with “compliance by design”
  • World-class performance and security are a must

PossibleNOW helps you get there. Our strategic consultants and professional services team leverage “learnings” accumulated from years of successfully deploying preference solutions in large companies and industry-specific experience to design and implement a customized solution to meet your needs. We help you gain adoption inside and outside your organization. And we help you integrate the solution company-wide so that you have a single view of your customers.

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Preference / Trust Centers Establish Transparency and Provide Control

The digital world can feel a little creepy. In order to gain trust, companies should be transparent about the customer data they possess and what they do with that data. Preference centers (or what we refer to as trust centers) provide the prospects and customers a way to view all their personal information that a company holds. Additionally, users can update, delete and provide or revoke consent at any time - giving them full control over their information.


What Preference, Profile, and Insight Data Should You Collect?

Zero-party data such as preference, profile, and insight data is particularly important for marketing campaigns, account notifications, activity alerts, and more. And preferences vary widely by industry. Our experts help you design the optimal zero-party data options for your customer base and situation. Here are a few examples:

  • Hospitality: Lifestyle preferences such as exercise and entertainment
  • Hotels: Stay preferences such as bedding, location, and amenities
  • Retail: Updates about store promotions, discounts, and new arrivals
  • Healthcare: Wellness information, prescription alerts, and test results
  • Financial services: Interest rate alerts, stock alerts, or business news
  • Marketing: Product and delivery channel preference
  • Customer service: Service alerts, delivery notifications, and product updates


Honor Customer Privacy

Management with “Compliance by Design”

MyPreferences was built with compliance by design, meaning it’s built specifically to adapt to ever-changing global compliance regulations. It’s in the very core of MyPreferences. With compliance by design in mind, use MyPreferences to:

  • Capture express consent, update it, and revoke it as desired
  • Honor communication preferences of each customer
  • Ensure opt-outs are honored across your organization
  • Access customer preference data in real-time to make desired updates
  • Adapt to constantly changing regulations, including GDPR, TCPA, CASL, and more

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