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Do Not Call Compliance – DNCSolution®

Handles multi-channel direct marketing compliance

Ensure Do Not Contact marketing compliance with relevant legislation across all channels. DNCSolution by PossibleNOW provides compliance with all contact methods, including Do Not Call, Do Not Email, Do Not Text, Do Not Mail, and Do Not Fax lists. Our platform provides a safe and secure way of scrubbing your lists against federal- and state-maintained Do Not Contact registries. DNCSolution helps you mitigate the risk of TCPA compliance with call scrubbing and CAN-SPAM compliance with email scrubbing.

Ensure marketing compliance with relevant legislation across all channels

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DNCSolution & our services help you mitigate the risk of TCPA compliance

  • Learn why prior express written consent is critical -- and what you need to do

  • Ensure that the person who gave you consent to call their cell phone is still associated with that number

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DNCSolution supports all aspects of your enterprise

  • Agents


  • Branch Offices

    Branch Offices

  • Contact Centers

    Contact Centers

Simplify management and
mitigate compliance risk across
the enterprise. Get detailed
real-time reporting of your
compliance activities. Take
advantage of available

Why relationships must be compliant

Advantages of DNCSolution

  • World-Class Infrastructure: Our platform supports the high-volume email and call scrubbing needs of direct marketers with an infrastructure that provides maximum service availability.

  • Customer-Focused Support: Get the outstanding support and application training that you expect and deserve.

  • Integration Capability: Integrate DNCSolution into your current business technology – including CRMs such as Salesforce – to augment your technology investment.

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DNCSolution integrates seamlessly

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  • CRM


  • Databases


  • Databases



  • Twitter
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  • YouTube
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Do Not Call Standard Features

DNcall | Do Not Call Compliance

DNcall lets you focus on your marketing efforts while ensuring compliance with all relevant Do Not Call laws.

  • Standard features: Whether you have one call center or one hundred – or an agent network that numbers in the thousands – DNcall can fit your Do Not Call compliance needs. We offer high-volume call scrubbing against all relevant Do Not Call databases, including state, federal, wireless, and company-specific lists.
  • Optional features: Customize your Do Not Call solution to help ensure TCPA and mobile compliance with our wireless e-signature compliance application, our established business relationship manager (EBR Manager), or DNC Quickcheck, where your agents can instantly check the Do Not Call status of phone numbers.
  • Managed Services: Ease the burden and expense of compliance by outsourcing any or all of your internal marketing compliance operation to the experts at PossibleNOW.
Do Not Email Standard Features

DNemail | Do Not Email

DNemail ensures that your email marketing messages reach those who want to hear from you.

Prior to any email campaign, "scrub" your email list against your internal database of Do Not Email requests. This provides you with a file of email addresses of people who wish to receive your commercial marketing messages.

  • Handles high-volume email list scrubbing - DNemail's performance is amazingly fast whether you have thousands or even millions of email addresses to scrub
  • Allows checking of single email addresses - get instant feedback on whether you have permission to email this person
  • Allows seamless integration with your existing systems via Web Services - add and check email opt-outs from customized applications
  • Provides a "one click" solution for prospects and customers - easily comply with CAN-SPAM requirements
  • Offers flexibility to manage opt-out requests company-wide or by product, campaign, division or department - easily customize how you want to collect opt-out or unsubscribe requests. This lets people choose what information they wish to receive from you via email and helps prevent opt-outs from those who may wish to hear only about certain products or services.
  • Provides scrub receipt - serves as a record of your email compliance efforts
  • Maintains historical archive of all opt-out requests - provides a detailed record of all of your email compliance efforts
Do Not Text Standard Features

DNtext | Do Not Text

The mobile channel can energize your marketing efforts and help you target specific audiences - if you use it correctly. While mobile marketing lets you take advantage of the latest technology trends, it also carries unique compliance challenges. With DNtext from DNCSolution, your marketing teams can:

  • Conduct mobile marketing campaigns while complying with TCPA & other applicable laws.
  • Collect & manage opt-out requests in a central repository to maintain compliance.

Use our DNC scrubbing tools to feel confident that their direct marketing efforts are maximizing potential while providing a sense of security around DNC compliance.

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Do Not Call Compliance Managed Services

Do Not Call List Management
Simplify your compliance efforts and take advantage of our expertise in consumer regulatory compliance, especially as it relates to Do Not Call compliance. We dedicate significant resources to maintaining the most current Do Not Call databases including the FTC Do Not Call Registry and all relevant state lists.
We can compile and maintain any Do Not Call lists that you licensed based on your specifications and calling requirements - including optional lists such as the NeuStar Wireless Portability list or your own company-specific Do Not Call list.
We have stringent processes in place to acquire, validate and verify all Do Not Call data. We are so confident about our processes that we warrant the accuracy and timeliness of the Do Not Call databases.

Data & Marketing Services

Mobile Scoring
PossibleNOW's Mobile Scoring service determines the likelihood that a person is still associated with a specific cell phone number. That likelihood is shown as a confidence score. Using this confidence score makes it easy to segment your customer database as to which mobile numbers present the least risk to call and/or text. This reduces the risk of hefty fines by improving the likelihood that you are calling the person who gave you permission to contact them on their cell phone.