MyPreferences® Features and Functionality

Personalize CX. Capture consent. Build trust.

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Customize interactions. Improve marketing ROI. Maintain privacy compliance.

Build panoramic views of your customers

MyPreferences enables you to build a holistic view of your customers by collecting consent, preferences, insights, and profile data everywhere you interact with customers and prospects. Utilizing this data, your company gains deep marketing, account servicing, and privacy insights. This enables you to create hyper-personalized engagements at every touchpoint which leads to valuable long-term relationships.

Incredibly intuitive and simple to use, no other solution on the market today provides this level of robust functionality and comprehensive features to set your organization’s initiatives apart from your competition.

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MyPreferences Features

Panoramic view of every customer

Gain a comprehensive view of every individual across all systems, channels, and touchpoints with complete access to historical data, reporting capabilities and the ability to analyze customer interactions for enhanced personalization.

Flexible preference configuration

Supports multiple configuration dimensions to drive highly flexible and layered preference and consent capture experiences to meet the needs of small or large, highly complex organizations.

Drag and drop page design

Generate channel-optimized interfaces using our powerful, easy-to-use interface designer that enables you to create personalized preference collection workflows without any developer assistance.

Robust customer profiles

Enhance your comprehensive view of each customer by centralizing purchase and demographic information with stated preferences and insights data.

Consent Management

Leverage consent expiration settings at predetermined points or durations based on regulatory requirements such as CCPA, GDPR, and future regulations.

Panoramic View of Every Customer

Progressive profiling

MyPreferences enables you to collect contextually relevant customer insights with every interaction. Our natural and gradual approach to collecting data helps you build trusted relationships and hyper-personalized customer journeys.

Trust center self-service

Provides your customers complete transparency and control of their consents, preferences, profile, and insights data with the ability to add, edit, or remove personal information at any time.

Opt-down options

Allow customers to correct the conversation and avoid the dreaded global unsubscribe by offering the ability to change frequency, channel, and products of interest.

Customer insights

Collect customer feedback, opinions, and survey data to understand drivers, motivations, and values that enhance your view of the customer.

Compliance by design

Simplify privacy compliance with a built-in Consent Management System, auditing, and change management capabilities that keeps you prepared for regulatory and compliance audits.

Seamless integration

Build real-time integration with any on-premise and cloud-based system throughout your MarTech, ServiceTech, InsightTech and LoyaltyTech ecosystems.

Built-in audit capabilities

Maintain a complete history of preferences, consents, and insights captured by date, language, time, and source for near-real-time reporting and audit compliance.

Multilingual capabilities

Internationalize preference, profile, consent, and insight collection across any locale to support multi-lingual experiences.

Reporting and analytics

Derive in-depth analysis on critical customer segments that can help refine customer journeys.

Data enhanced

Leverage our 3rd party data services capabilities to enhance data quality including real-time validation and other overlays to provide insights that help complete the customer profile.

Zero-Party Data / Preference Management Buyer's Kit

Buyer's Kit

MyPreferences makes it easy for marketers to collect Zero-Party Data

MyPreferences securely collects, stores, and disseminates customer profile, preference, consent, and insight data to personalize every facet of customer experience. The data is organized in three main categories:

  • Profile - The Profile area is where you store names and contact elements such as emails, phones, mailing addresses, and any other demographic and psychographic information.
  • Preferences - The Preference Management area stores all customer choices, subscriptions, communication frequencies, engagement channels, and any preference attributes.
  • Consents - The Consents area serves as a universal consent repository that stores and manages all customer consents.


MyPreferences Functionality

Drag and drop page design

Build dynamic, hyper-personalized preference, profile, insight and consent collection interfaces, thereby enabling meaningful customer engagement across any channel or business application, all while providing transparency and control to customers.  

  • Easy-to-use interface designer enables you to create personalized zero-party data collection workflows without any developer assistance
  • Collect customer insights, feedback, opinions and survey data by integrating MyPreferences with any third-party survey/opinion collection application
  • Support spot collection, opt-down, and email unsubscribe workflows
  • Drive digital experiences at scale with multi-lingual capabilities
  • Track when each data point is captured, updated, archived, and expired

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Collect customer consents and preferences

  • Interact with customers in a contextually relevant way across every touchpoint. This process builds trust by helping your customers understand why this data is being collected.

Honor customers consent and preferences

  • Transform customer experience by tailoring each customer’s interaction to demonstrate value in exchange for the data being collected.
  • Ensure consumer privacy compliance and communicate with confidence around the globe by storing customer data in compliance with regulations such as GDPA, TCPA, CANSPAM, CASL, and more.

Maintain a complete history of consents

  • Track consent statuses and expiration
  • Manage consent language, date, time and source of consent capture
  • Retrieve active and historical consents
  • Configure consents for any global regulation

Share consent and preference data across the enterprise

  • Enable integration with CRMs, ESPs, and MAPs, making every system “consent, preference, profile, and insight aware.”

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