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Consent isn’t just about consent to contact – it’s about the gathering and collection of all zero-party data. After all, a customer consents to give you their preferences, insights, and profile data. PossibleNOW helps you tie this zero-party data together with consent management.

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Consent management software can help automate your consent collection practice, making it easier to build trust, motivate customers to opt-in and maintain compliance with their consent specifications.


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In our quickly evolving digital world, regulators around the globe are moving from requiring organizations to honor opt-out requests to requiring them to collect express consent prior to communicating. These consent collection requirements vary by country and state. The EU GDPR consent requirements are currently the most stringent across the globe, but other countries and states (e.g. California’s CCPA and CPRA) are quickly enacting their own regulations to keep pace. Requiring permission in advance to communicating undoubtably puts pressure on the size of your marketable universe.

Earning and maintaining customer consent

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PossibleNOW’s Consent Platform Can Help

MyPreferences, our enterprise consent and preference management software was designed to address evolving local and global regulations. MyPreferences solves for consent management requirements by providing virtually unlimited configuration capabilities based on unique use cases, local legislation requirements and other mitigating factors. MyPreferences is far more than a preference and consent tool; it’s a purpose-built consent management platform that provides unparalleled functionality, best practices and connectivity that enables consent collection at all points along the customer journey. This allows customers to have a voice in how they engage with your organization, building on a foundation of trust that enhances the customer relationships and grows lifetime ROI.

All consent data is stored in a central repository for easy access and is distributed to all relevant platforms across the enterprise. Enterprise implementations are complex and benefit greatly from the help of experts that have years of experience implementing consent management software. We’ve seen hundreds of use cases and have established best practices for maximizing consent and preference collection, management, and distribution across the enterprise.

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MyPreferences Provides:

  • Deep segmentation capabilities for customer consent and other zero-party data
  • Customizable consent language based on locale, geolocation, customer types, etc.
  • Support express consent collection through a single step or a multi-step process, depending on your use case
  • Storage of the consent using pseudonymous IDs (nicknames)
  • Ability for consent to enable additional preference and insight collections along the customer journey
  • Revocation of consent to automatically opt-out of hierarchical consents
  • Consent audit history including consent language, date/time, and source of consent capture

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Consent Quick Start Program

Looking for an out-of-the-box solution to comply with consent management requirements quickly? Our Consent Quick Start Program enables companies to quickly deploy consent capture capabilities, providing the ability to comply with GDPR and other consent collection requirements. Utilizing functionality of MyPreferences, our consent management software provides the ability to capture and update consent at a granular level, transactionalize the consent, and maintain consent history and the disclosure language used.

The Consent Quick Start Program implements out-of-the-box functionality to comply with consent management regulations quickly, as well as the ability to expand the functionality, design, and reach across the enterprise, allowing for full utilization of the MyPreferences consent, preference and insights management platform in the future.

The Quick Start Program uses a consent management portal that provides:

  • Configurable consent collection and management
  • Standalone webpages branded with the client logo
  • Consent capture capabilities that can integrate into contextualized points along the customer journey such as the website or campaign workflows
  • Multi-lingual capabilities that are configurable based on country, region, or locale
  • One-click method for revoking consent
  • Full auditable history of all consent actions taken