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Consent isn’t just about consent to contact – it’s about the collecting of all zero-party data, such as preferences, insights, and profile data. PossibleNOW helps you tie this zero-party data together with consent management.


Consent management software helps automate consent collection, build trust, motivate customers to opt-in, and maintain compliance with their consent specifications.


Flexible Consent Management Capabilities Are a Must

In our quickly evolving digital world, regulators around the globe are crafting consent collection requirements by country and state. There are over 80 countries with privacy laws many of which include consent requirements (e.g. the EU GDPR, Canada, Brazil, Japan, United Kingdom) as well as a growing number of states (e.g. California, Colorado, Connecticut, Utah, and Virginia). Requiring permission in advance to communicating undoubtably puts pressure on the size of your marketable universe.

Centralized Consent Repository Is Foundational (Scotiabank)
Flexible Consent Management Capabilities Is a Must

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PossibleNOW’s Consent Management Platform Can Help

MyPreferences, our enterprise consent and preference management software, was designed to address evolving local and global regulations. It solves consent management requirements by providing virtually unlimited configuration capabilities based on unique use cases, local legislation requirements and other mitigating factors.

MyPreferences is a purpose-built consent management platform that provides unparalleled functionality, best practices and connectivity that enables consent collection at all points along the customer journey. All consent data is stored in a central repository for easy access and is distributed to all relevant platforms across the enterprise.

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MyPreferences Consent Management Provides:

  • Deep segmentation capabilities for consent & other zero-party data
  • Customizable consent language based on locale, geolocation, customer types, etc.
  • Supports express consent collection through single- or multi-step processes
  • Storage of consents using pseudonymous IDs (nicknames)
  • Ability to concurrently collect preference and insight data
  • Revocation of consent to automatically opt-out of hierarchical consents
  • Consent audit history including consent language, date/time, and source

MyPreferences Consent Management

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