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  • PossibleNOW Introduces Preference Management Consulting Services Group

    Multi-disciplinary consulting team will work with companies to address marketing, adoption, compliance, systems architecture and operational best practices

    Atlanta, Ga. – March 20, 2013 – PossibleNOW, the leading provider of customer experience and preference management solutions, today announced the launch of its preference management consulting services group, a dedicated team of experts focused on empowering companies to accurately and efficiently listen to prospects and customers and interact with them in the context of trusted, responsive relationships.

    "Despite all the talk about relationship marketing, very few brands are truly prepared to engage audiences on that level," said Scott Frey, CEO of PossibleNOW. "In order to deliver on the relationship promise, enterprises need to understand their customers and deploy solutions that meet near term needs and support long term goals. That's why we've introduced a preference management consulting services group — to help connect the dots for clients and provide tailored, holistic solutions."

    The consulting group will serve as the strategic services counterpart to PossibleNOW's MyPreferences®, a SaaS-based platform designed for the collection, management and distribution of consumer preferences. Launched in 2011, MyPreferences empowers companies to have relevant conversations with prospects and customers to increase engagement, retention and lifetime value while protecting against regulatory exposure.

    Moving forward, the consulting group will assist clients deploying the MyPreferences solution or advise those pursuing an in-house solution that need implementation advice. To learn more about PossibleNOW's preference management consulting services, go to

    To learn more about PossibleNOW's MyPreferences, go to

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