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PossibleNOW Releases MyPreferences Interaction;

Type: Press

Provides Marketing Campaign Automation That Leverages Existing Customer Data Sets

Press ReleaseDULUTH, GA – April 30, 2012 – PossibleNOW, the leading provider of compliance and marketing solutions for multi-channel direct marketers, announces the release of MyPreferences® Interaction, an application for marketing automation. This is the second product launched through a strategic partnership with RedPoint Global Inc., the Boston-based provider of the Convergent Marketing Platform™, a powerful suite of tools that automates marketing processes including data management, campaign management and visual analytics.

MyPreferences Interaction provides end-to-end marketing automation and is the solution for companies who do not have an internal marketing automation system, or who simply want a complete solution for collecting preferences, fulfilling multi-channel marketing campaigns and managing response data. When used in combination with MyPreferences, organizations can consolidate the collection and management of consumer marketing and account servicing preferences into a centralized database and then utilize that data with Interaction for a comprehensive marketing automation solution.

“Marketing campaign management can be complex, especially if you utilize multiple channels including mobile and social media,” explains Scott Frey, President and CEO of PossibleNOW. “Interaction gives marketers all the tools that they need to effectively plan, create, execute, and measure marketing activities for multi-channel campaigns so that they have a competitive advantage. Ongoing analytics help measure campaign results and let marketers react accordingly. Interaction also enables fulfillment through existing channels so that a company can maintain its relationships with email or direct mail service providers.”

Frey continues, “Interaction is a natural complement to the MyPreferences solution suite. MyPreferences helps organizations honor customer and prospect marketing preferences which is an important aspect of permission-based marketing and can significantly boost customer loyalty. Interaction helps enable ongoing and meaningful communications with a company’s client base by providing data management tools on the front end and nearly real-time visual analytics for better insight into the campaign results on the back end.”

“The combination of RedPoint’s Convergent Marketing Platform™ with PossibleNOW’s MyPreferences solution provides the first and only single execution platform for managing fully compliant customer communications,” comments Dale H. Renner, CEO of RedPoint. “The compliance engine is integrated right into the marketing operations flow. The Interaction application enables organizations to apply preferences accurately and consistently across their customer base for better and more automated fulfillment of multi-channel marketing campaigns.”

MyPreferences Interaction is available as an appliance that can be installed on the marketer’s own hardware or it can be used as a SaaS model. Either option preserves full functionality so that the marketer has complete control of the data and campaign management tools.

MyPreferences solution suite consists of five applications: Preference Manager which provides an organization with the ability to manage preference activities across the enterprise, Preference Center that lets consumers manage their marketing, servicing and privacy preferences through an intuitive Web interface, Status Manager which provides the current contact status of customers and prospects, Quickcheck which allows the collection and checking of preference data by field agent or call center personnel, and MyID that generates a unique ID for each person that ties customer records together across various business units.

For more information about Interaction or the MyPreferences solution suite, please contact PossibleNOW at (800) 585-4888 or