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PossibleNOW Provides Technology Solutions & Services That Enable Marketers to Comply With Pending FCC Declaratory Ruling

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The June 18 Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announcement of sweeping declaratory rulings adds restrictions and broadens the impacts on companies using automated dialers and text message marketing. PossibleNOW’s do not contact and preference management solutions offer functionality for TCPA compliance.

Press ReleaseAtlanta, Ga. – June 22, 2015 – PossibleNOW, the leading provider of marketing compliance and enterprise preference management solutions, affirms its do not contact and preference management solutions currently offer functionality for TCPA compliance in the wake of the June 18 Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announcement that apparently affords US consumers new protections from automated marketing calls and text messages.

“Last week’s FCC announcement comes as no surprise to those of us working at the intersection of privacy, preference and personalization,” said Scott Frey, President and CEO of PossibleNOW. “Our clients are prepared for this change because of their ability to collect consent at every available touchpoint, verify consent prior to using an automated dialer and assess whether or not a number is wireless and owned by the consenting party. These and other measures empower them to focus on marketing success instead of risk mitigation. The FCC commentary makes it clear that companies must engage with consumers to obtain their consent for calls or text messages for any reason to comply with the TCPA automated telephone dialing system restrictions that appear unavoidable.”

The FCC announcement and 3 to 2 majority vote to approve the declaratory rulings to modify the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), appear to include stricter definitions of “autodialing” to prevent companies from avoiding certain provisions and to institute new “Do Not Disturb” technology allowing telecom companies greater autonomy to implement features that could block automated communications.

By closing technical loopholes and expanding opt-out rights to consumers, the FCC announcement makes it imperative for companies to earn consent at every possible interaction point with consumers. The new rules apparently will require companies to allow consumers to revoke consent more easily, and if a phone number has changed hands, companies will only get one chance to stop calling the new user before facing penalties.

In response to the FCC announcement, PossibleNOW emphasizes that compliance with these new rules including express written consent are included in both DNCSolution®, the leading cloud-based Do Not Contact solution, and MyPreferences®, its flagship enterprise preference management platform. DNCSolution and MyPreferences deliver critical consent collection capabilities while honoring a consumer’s contact preferences to help improve the customer experience.

Frey commented, “We anticipate the Declaratory Ruling language to be released in the very near future. However, it is clear from the FCC’s remarks that the future success of consumer contact campaigns will rely upon preference management solutions as never before.”

To learn more about PossibleNOW’s technology solutions and services that enable effective compliance with the FCC announcement, contact or (800) 585-4888.

About PossibleNOW
PossibleNOW, headquartered near Atlanta, Georgia, enables businesses to build lasting, profitable relationships with customers, partners and employees through preference management technology. MyPreferences®, our enterprise preference management platform, empowers companies to listen to and learn from their customers through the active collection and management of preferences such as product interest, channel preference and frequency of communication. MyPreferences easily integrates into existing applications such as CRMs and marketing databases. The MyPreferences platform’s flexibility, security and compliance protections make it ideal for serving as the central repository for customer data inside the enterprise and for minimizing regulatory compliance risk. DNCSolution®, the leading cloud-based Do Not Contact application, handles multi-channel direct marketing compliance and helps mitigate risk across the enterprise. For more information, call (800) 585-4888 or (770) 255-1020, e-mail or visit