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PossibleNOW Launches MyPreferences 3.0, Providing Enterprises with Complete Control of Customer Preferences, Consent, and Profile Data

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Industry Leading Platform For Zero-Party Data Offers The Most Powerful Capabilities Today

PossibleNOW™, the leading provider of enterprise consent and preference management solutions, today announced the launch of its new and improved zero-party data platformMyPreferences 3.0, giving enterprises a reimagined customer experience (CX) engine.

As more than half of marketers (51%) continue to look for new customer data platforms to enrich customer data profiles without third-party cookies (Salesforce 2022 State of Marketing Report), MyPreferences has empowered organizations to build trust and lasting relationships with their customers. This latest update provides enterprises with complete control with end-to-end configuration management across their portfolio of customer preferences, consents, profiles, and feedback. Some of the new features include: 

  • Powerful RESTful application programming interface (API) library for driving customer experiences, profile enrichment, consent management, and seamless integrations 
  • Global consent repository to provide an enhanced way to store and manage consents across any data category with complete historical access 
  • Enhanced, reusable data segments to facilitate real-time targeting and a unified view of customers’ zero-party data across all touchpoints 

Through an API-first approach, MyPreferences 3.0 will give PossibleNOW customers complete flexibility to build and control every customer experience the way they want and help marketers retrieve historical profile, feedback, preferences, and consent data captured throughout the customer journey.

Additionally, a built-in no-code workflow designer tool will help build bespoke zero-party and first-party data collection experiences without the help of IT.

MyPreferences 3.0 also includes a complete customer service portal to provide service representatives and call-center agents with a full-featured agent interface designed from the ground up for managing zero-party data on customers’ behalf.

Finally, a fully redesigned data segmentation engine will allow marketers to automate integrations and streamline access to zero-party data across one’s technology ecosystem. 

“With the most powerful preference and consent management capabilities, MyPreferences 3.0 is built for the new era of privacy protection to honor customer preferences, insights, and feedback, which are always backed up by consent,” said Scott Frey, CEO of PossibleNOW. “We offer a framework of best practices honed over a decade, allowing marketers to control every aspect of their customers’ zero-party data experience.” 

For more information on PossibleNOW’s MyPreferences 3.0 zero-party data platform, please join the demo webinar session on Wednesday, December 14 by registering here.