Announcing MyPreferences 3.0

With the most powerful preference and consent management capabilities, MyPreferences is a platform created to empower organizations to build trust and lasting relationships with their customers.

Our latest update provides enterprises complete control with end-to-end configuration management across their portfolio of customer preferences, profiles, and feedback.

And when it comes to consents, MyPreferences offers a single place to manage all consents related to an individual or device with built-in localization and complete access to consent history. You can manage consents for any data category - independent of, or specific to, a preference, contact element, or a channel.

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MyPreferences Sites is a no-code workflow designer app for creating customized zero-party data collection experiences with drag and drop ease.


New Feature Highlights

Some new feature highlights include:

  • API - MyPreferences’s API-first platform gives you complete flexibility to build and control every customer experience the way you want. It offers standard and Bulk APIs for driving experiences, profile enrichment, consent management, and creating seamless integrations with all applicable systems in your enterprise.
    • Historical API Suite - Providing historical access of customer data is one of the hallmarks of MyPreferences. This release added a new set of APIs to the historical API library to help you satisfy audit requests and provide a historical view of all customer data points.
  • Sites - MyPreferences Sites is a no-code workflow designer app for creating customized zero-party data collection experiences with drag and drop ease. The page designer includes various components and editors that helps you create and publish multilingual, fully responsive user experiences without any developer assistance for preference management.
    • Multi-row, multi-column layouts - The Sites user interface has been enhanced, moving from a fixed canvas layout to a multi-column layout which offers designers with infinite flexibility to create customized zero-party data experiences quickly.
    • Purpose-built - Sites is purpose-built for zero-party data experiences. Every component is fully packaged with all the required content blocks built-in to render it.
    • Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) – The Sites component library now supports Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). This allows users to interact with pages generated by Sites with ease regardless of any physical or cognitive disabilities. This initial phase includes support for improved operability such as keyboard accessibility, consistent navigation, clarity of text and colors across all components, and error identification.
  • Data Export
    • Data segmentation Engine - A fully redesigned data segmentation engine helps automate integrations and streamline access to zero-party data across your technology ecosystem. You can now create reusable segments of data that are generated in near real-time and subsequently updates all applicable systems within your enterprise.
  • Data Export Wizard - The Data Export Wizard is the most anticipated feature of the year. It completes the overall data export functionality by allowing you to create on-demand and recurring export schedules.

Pricing for growth companies start at $2000 / month

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Other new feature highlights include:

  • Branding – Customize the entire appearance of your MyPreferences application to offer a consistent brand experience to your users. You can upload your logo, favicon, apply corporate colors, and customize the styling of pages with your unique brand scheme. Using MyPreferences Single Sign On (SS0) capabilities, users can connect to MyPreferences from any internal application for a consistent and connected brand experience.
  • Profile permissions - One of the core capabilities of MyPreferences is its granular set of permissions for large enterprises that encompass multiple departments, vendors, functions, and affiliates. This new release elevated those capabilities with new sets of permissions that provide an extra layer of access control for objects related to profiles and the user data associated with them.