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PossibleNOW Launches Cloud-Based Email Marketing Personalization Platform: MyPreferences® Campaign

Type: Press

Customer personalization platform empowers companies to tailor communications to recipients’ needs, reducing opt-outs and improving marketing ROI

Press ReleaseAtlanta, Ga. – July 16, 2014 – PossibleNOW, the leading provider of customer engagement and enterprise preference management solutions, today announced the launch of its MyPreferences® Campaign product, a cloud-based platform designed to reduce customer opt-outs and improve digital marketing efficiency and results. With MyPreferences Campaign, companies can offer a branded and configurable email campaign opt-down page to give recipients the choice of changing email delivery frequency, products or services of interest, other communication channels or program-specific opt-out.

“Correcting the conversation is the key to opt-out prevention and long-term customer engagement,” said Scott Frey, CEO of PossibleNOW. “Without the power to select topics of interest and decline irrelevant messaging, customers will eventually opt-out of everything. With MyPreferences Campaign, companies can quickly and easily implement the personalization tools they need to not only maintain communications with existing customers, but also retarget future campaigns for improved performance. We’re excited to offer Campaign direct to our customers and through our growing network of partners.”

MyPreferences Campaign helps marketers comply with rapidly changing regulatory requirements. Frey continues, “Two new pieces of legislation, the mobile marketing rules of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act in the United States and the recently enacted Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation, require that marketers obtain the consumer’s prior express written consent before the delivery of marketing messages. MyPreferences Campaign provides marketers with the tools to effectively capture consent and grow their opt-in database.”

Designed to serve as a first step solution towards deeper preference management initiatives, MyPreferences Campaign does not require IT involvement and often debuts within a single division or brand as a proof of concept. Once deployed, MyPreferences Campaign empowers companies to run marketing campaigns through the email service providers of choice and enables their customers to correct the conversation through the use of opt-downs.

PossibleNOW supports MyPreferences Campaign through full configuration of branded, customer-facing web pages, configuration of communications programs and campaign surveys, access to live agent assistance and online documentation.

MyPreferences Campaign is delivered through seamless integration with email service providers and marketing databases via FTP or Web-based download of daily incremental opt-ins or opt-outs. With MyPreferences Campaign, companies can perform campaign-driven personalization as well as:

  • Provide campaign-based branding, messaging and preference options
  • Use preferences to retarget future campaigns and correct messaging
  • Access campaign and program-level reporting
  • Implement program-level monitoring and alerting
  • Utilize third party survey integration
  • Use bulk data access for list management
  • Execute a first-step proof of concept prior to a full preference management solution