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PossibleNOW Announces Partnership With Europe’s STS Group

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Will Offer Reseller Program For Secure Digital Object Transfer And Archive

Press ReleaseDULUTH, GA – March 14, 2011 – PossibleNOW, the leading provider of compliance and marketing solutions for direct marketers, announced that they have formed a strategic partnership with France’s STS Group to offer Secure Exchange, Archive and Evidence Management services. STS Group is the European leader in digital trust solutions which includes the authentication, exchange and secure storage of any digital object including documents and audio files.

“Direct marketers, particularly those in the call center industry, face increased challenges including the ability to service their clients while maintaining profit margins,” says Scott Frey, President and CEO of PossibleNOW. “One of these challenges is the ability to securely transfer and archive materials including audio files while maintaining legal proof of delivery. Traditional delivery methods such as email are cumbersome because digital objects such as audio files are too large. The US postal service can be too slow while overnight courier services are too costly.”

Frey continues, “Our partnership with STS Group lets us offer our call center clients a reseller program that has good margins and can become a new profit center. Call centers can differentiate themselves by offering their clients a secure digital exchange and archive service that reduces costs and protects against legal liability.”

PossibleNOW is introducing the call center reseller program for the Secure Exchange, Archive and Evidence Management technology at the 2011 American Teleservices Annual Convention in Phoenix this week.

For more information about PossibleNOW, the Secure Exchange, Archive and Evidence Management technology, including the reseller program for call centers, please contact PossibleNOW at (800) 585-4888 or

About STS Group
STS Group is a software publisher and European leader in the digital trust area. Digital trust includes the authentication, interchange and “probative value” storage of any digital object. STS Group markets its software offer via a worldwide network of digital trust platforms. After ten years, STS Group recorded in 2010 €99m of revenue and profit of €9.9m, with €64m in equity. The Company reiterates it does not have the status of Issuer raising funds from the public and so the share offering can only be made to qualified investors acting on their own behalf under Article L. 411-2 of the French Monetary and Financial Code. STS Group is listed on NYSE ALTERNEXT since September 2010 (codes ALSTS – FR0010173518).
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