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CompliancePoint Launches Admissions Compliance Evaluations Program For Career Colleges

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CompliancePoint Launches Admissions Compliance Evaluations Program For Career CollegesDULUTH, GA (PRWeb) – September 22, 2010 – CompliancePoint, a PossibleNOW company specializing in compliance consulting, audit and training services, announces the launch of its Admissions Compliance Evaluation (ACE) program for the career college sector. The ACE program, which includes a custom Web-based assessment tool, enrollment verification services, mystery shopping services, and remediation training and testing, helps career colleges ensure compliance with Title IV requirements of the Higher Education Act and prevent any deceptive admissions practices.

Ken Sponsler, Vice President and General Manager of the Direct Marketing Compliance practice group of CompliancePoint, explains the rationale for launching the ACE program. “Career colleges, also known as for-profit colleges, are under scrutiny from state and federal regulators for deceptive admissions practices. CompliancePoint consultants have extensive experience assisting our career college clients in ensuring compliance with direct marketing regulations including Do Not Call laws. When the media spotlight focused on career colleges, clients sought our advice about ensuring compliance with Title IV requirements.”

Sponsler explains, “The Admissions Compliance Evaluation program enables our clients to show clear evidence of their compliance with admissions requirements. The use of an independent third party for admissions process verification is powerful evidence of ongoing compliance efforts. Unless career colleges can show effective change in admissions practices, additional regulation of the for-profit education segment is likely.”

CompliancePoint’s ACE program can easily be customized to fit the needs of each career college and can be utilized by online colleges as well as those with physical campuses.

One of the features of the ACE program is a custom Web-based assessment tool for applicants and enrolled students. The assessment tool gauges whether or not the student was given complete and accurate information as required under Title IV, the college’s accrediting entity, and other admissions and financial aid policies. These assessments can be used by online colleges as well as those with multiple physical campuses.

The ACE program also includes enrollment verification services. This service requires that newly enrolled students complete a dynamic online form to ensure that they understand all aspects of the college’s enrollment terms. The assessment must be completed before students start classes. The completed records are maintained by CompliancePoint and allow a career college to defend itself in the event of subsequent student complaints.

CompliancePoint’s ACE program also offers mystery shopping services provided by a nationwide network of mystery shoppers to monitor the actual admissions process. Mystery shopping is conducted via inbound and outbound calls as well as through on-campus interviews. The college may record the mystery shopping calls if desired. CompliancePoint provides the client with a Web-based portal so that the client can review mystery shopping results, listen to call recordings and access reports.

If the ACE program uncovers any areas of non-compliance, the college may choose CompliancePoint’s remediation training and testing services so that the college has a correction mechanism. Using its ComplianceWise™ online training system, CompliancePoint assigns courses to any admissions employees who were identified through the enrollment verification assessments or mystery shopping as failing to adhere to compliance policies. Upon completion of the course, each employee must successfully pass a test as proof of understanding of the college’s admissions and financial aid requirements.

For more information on CompliancePoint’s Admissions Compliance Evaluation program services, including customization and pricing, contact the Direct Marketing Compliance Practice at CompliancePoint at or call (800) 585-4888 or (770) 255-1020.