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How Your MarTech Stack Fails to Serve the Customer

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Topic: Zero Party Data

In the older days of marketing, back in the early 2000s, a few brave CMOs invested in some rudimentary tools designed to help better manage their campaigns and audiences. These hardy pioneers sought to organize, analyze and improve performance, and thus created the first marketing technology stacks- integrated systems that brought order, unlocked targeted campaigns, and personalized messages for better results.

Considering how far the marketing industry has come in the past few years is similar to comparing that of quill and parchment paper writing to the evolution of the first printing press.  The changes have been particularly rapid.  In 2011, there were approximately 150 companies offering marketing technology.  That number has now ballooned to more than 6,800 technology-based tools including digital advertising, content marketing, marketing automation, social media, data analytics and many more.


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