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What is an Opt-Out?

Type: Definitions
Topic: Zero Party Data

What is an Opt-Out?

Example: Eric opts-out of receiving information about tea.

Whenever you click or sign something to confirm that you do not want information from a business, you have opted-out of receiving that information.

As your circumstances and interests change over time, some of the information you receive from businesses will no longer be useful to you. For example, imagine you shared a preference for information about tea and opted-in for weekly emails on the topic. Later on, your tastes change and you come to prefer coffee. That means it’s time to opt-out of the tea emails.

There are several ways to opt-out. The most common is to opt-out from emails by scrolling to the bottom of the email and clicking the unsubscribe link.

Sometimes people opt-out of certain information (tea) from a business but continue to receive information on another topic (coffee) from the same business. Sometimes people opt-out of receiving information of any kind from a business which is called a global opt-out.