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PossibleNOW Receives EU Safe Harbor Certification From US Department Of Commerce

Type: Press

PossibleNOW Receives EU Safe Harbor Certification From US Department Of CommerceDULUTH, GA – March 10, 2010 – PossibleNOW, the leading provider of privacy solutions including Do Not Call compliance, announced that they have received certification for compliance with the European Union Safe Harbor. The self-certification is valid for one year and renewable annually.

In 1998 the European Union passed wide-sweeping privacy legislation called the European Union Data Protection Directive which places requirements on businesses that wish to collect, process or transfer personal data from an EU member state. To avoid potential disruption in trade between the US and EU countries, the US Department of Commerce and the European Commission developed the safe harbor framework which allows US companies a means of assuring European consumers that they will provide an adequate level of privacy protection. This level of privacy protection satisfies the “adequacy” requirement of the European Directive on Data Protection.

“As our compliance business grows and becomes more global, it was important for PossibleNOW to ensure potential and current clients that we are in full compliance with both the US and European guidelines for data privacy practices,” says Scott Frey, President and CEO of PossibleNOW. “We are fortunate that our sister company, CompliancePoint, is becoming well-versed in international compliance legislation and issues. Their efforts were significant in enabling PossibleNOW to receive the EU Safe Harbor certification.”