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PossibleNOW Announces a Consent Platform to Help Remarketers Comply with New CMS Medicare Consent Requirement

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Express written consent now required for Third-Party Marketing Organizations (TPMOs) to share Medicare beneficiaries’ personal data with another TPMO even if manually dialing.

DULUTH, Ga.April 25, 2024

PossibleNOW™, the leading provider of enterprise consent and preference management solutions, today announced the launch of a program to enable companies to quickly capture express written consent. This will provide the ability for Third-Party Marketing Organizations (TPMOs) to comply with the new rule issued by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), stipulating that one-to-one prior express written consent is obtained before transferring beneficiary data to other marketing partners or TPMOs.

The rule was put in place to prevent TPMOs from selling and reselling Medicare/Medicaid beneficiary contact information without clear and transparent disclosure notice to the beneficiaries. Now, a beneficiary must supply express written consent to be contacted by each individual TPMO.

“PossibleNOW is thrilled to offer a solution of this magnitude to an extremely important industry. Our technology platform has been helping companies stay compliant for over twenty years, and appropriate consent management is crucial,” said Scott Frey, CEO of PossibleNOW.

This new stipulation by the CMS applies to any organization operating within the Medicare or Medicaid space, even when adhering to TCPA regulations when manually dialing beneficiaries. Including manual dialing in the new rule is a significant departure and escalation from earlier regulations.

The new rules go into effect on October 1, 2024, providing an urgent need for organizations to implement consent management best practices. Enhanced consent functionality within PossibleNOW’s platform MyPreferences will help TPMOs or organizations of any size or complexity adhere to the CMS’s update with quick efficiency.

“PossibleNOW is thrilled to offer a solution of this magnitude to an extremely important industry. Our technology platform has been helping companies stay compliant with Do Not Contact regulations for over twenty years, and appropriate consent management is crucial,” said Scott Frey, CEO of PossibleNOW. “Privacy laws around personal data sharing and usage are only getting tighter, and the combination of our MyPreferences consent and Do Not Contact platform is the solution the industry needs.”

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Read more detail about the new consent requirements for remarketers in the Medicare/Medicaid sector, or send a message to for a product demo.

About PossibleNOW

PossibleNOW is the pioneer and leader in customer consent, preference, and regulatory compliance solutions. We leverage our MyPreferences technology, processes, and services to enable relevant, trusted, and compliant customer interactions. Our platform empowers the collection, centralization, and distribution of customer communication consent and preferences across the enterprise. DNCSolution addresses Do Not Contact regulations such as TCPA, CAN-SPAM and CASL, allowing companies to adhere to DNC requirements, backed by our 100% compliance guarantee.

PossibleNOW’s strategic consultants take a holistic approach, leveraging years of experience when creating strategic roadmaps, planning technology deployments, and designing customer interfaces.

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