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2 moves by PossibleNOW to help call-center productivity

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2 moves by PossibleNOW to help call-center productivity

Atlanta – PossibleNOW made a pair of moves that could help collections departments be more successful with the call efforts.

The provider of direct marketing compliance, enterprise consent and preference management solutions, announced a partnership with Numeracle, a developer within call blocking and labeling visibility in the calling ecosystem. The partnership is designed to extend actionable measures to improve the accurate presentation of vetted and verified business calls.

Furthermore, PossibleNOW also announced that it is offering 60-day access to its RegInfoHub product, giving personnel the ability to review the latest regulatory updates and news that affects their organization during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

As one of the solution providers with a defined process to vet and verify the trust associated with an enterprise caller or call center solutions provider, Numeracle can provide a single path to proactively identify legitimate entities and prevent the improper blocking of legal, wanted calls across multiple carriers and service providers.

By establishing trust in the entity behind the call as well as any contact center partners facilitating compliant call delivery, Numeracle’s solution can prevent the improper classification and blocking of calls today but prepares trusted callers for the next wave of call authentication through STIR/SHAKEN.

“The issue is far more complex than monitoring ‘suspected spam’ or ‘scam’ labels at the individual phone number level or employing a never-ending cycle of phone number rotation with diminishing returns,” Numeracle founder and chief executive officer Rebekah Johnson said in a news release.

“The remediation of phone number reputation begins by certifying trust in an organization’s call compliance and committing to a focus on best dialing practices. Organizations already taking advantage of PossibleNOW’s expertise in calling compliance are that much more ahead of the curve,” Johnson continued.

PossibleNOW emphasized that it has been focused on helping companies build trust with their customers through compliant and relevant communications, stressing the partnership with Numeracle will help further this goal.

“Improving a business’ contact rates, brand reputation, and customer engagement has become infinitely more complex due to the forward momentum of robocall blocking and labeling initiatives driven by the FCC, FTC, service providers and consumer groups,” PossibleNOW CEO Scott Frey said.

“In today’s uncertain economic environment, we know it’s more important than ever for trusted organizations to be able to maintain that positive interaction with their customers, patients, and members,” Frey continued. “We’re pleased to partner with Numeracle to ensure compliant, legal organizations may continue to leverage their communications channel of choice with as few interruptions as possible.”

PossibleNOW and Numeracle plan to host a joint webinar about call blocking and labeling on May 20 at 2 p.m. ET to discuss ways to improve contact rates in the new era of STIR/SHAKEN. Registration for the webinar can be completed on this website.

Accessibility to regulatory guide

As mentioned previously, PossibleNOW also announced that it is offering 60-day access to its RegInfoHub product.

Considering the current hardship that the coronavirus has placed on businesses, PossibleNOW acknowledged many organizations are considering how best to engage customers and prospects while maintaining compliance with regulations.

RegInfoHub is geared to provide access to current regulatory information and compliance guidance for phone, text, email, fax, and pre-recorded message communications. It allows businesses to easily create customized views based on topic and jurisdiction, so they can spend more time on marketing and customer service and less time on worrying about compliance.

RegInfoHub features include:

  • Access to the latest regulatory updates, news and enforcement actions to keep you informed
  • Interpretive text is provided by our legal team to enhance your regulatory understanding
  • Chart Builder allows content to be customized by location and topic
  • Improved functionality provides more ways to find, organize and use information
  • Informational maps provide a summary view of specific regulatory information by location
  • Complex topics are simplified by rendering them in a diagram format
  • Intuitive user interface makes it easy to use the application
  • Latest technology and enhanced security features for peace of mind

“Staying current with regulations is about more than just remaining compliant with new rules and enforceable legislation,”PossibleNOW marketing director Eric Tejeda said. “RegInfoHub is a critical component in helping companies to build trust and long-lasting relationships with their customers in unprecedented times.”

To receive free access to the site, go to