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Services and Support from PossibleNOW Experts

Customer experience advice. Implementation road maps. Customer insights.

The customer preference, consent and privacy management landscape is constantly evolving - from new technology, to regulatory updates, and expanding customer awareness. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with figuring out the best path forward for your organization, whether it’s creating a cohesive preference strategy, executing a detailed implementation plan, or improving your customer experience for better engagement. We can help evaluate your situation and make recommendations to enhance it based on years of consulting, implementation expertise and industry best-practices.

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    Strategic consulting tailored for you

    We leverage industry-standard best-practices based on research and direct industry experience to recommend and design the most effective solution for your organization and your customers.

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    A clear vision to implement

    Our professional services organization provides the expert advice that you need to organize, plan, and prepare to implement and optimize your customer engagement strategy.


Marketing services designed to drive results

Research shows that companies who engage their customers outperform and outpace those who do not – by as much as 4x income growth! Gain a competitive advantage with data insights, digital services and marketing campaign management.

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Strategic Consulting Services

Discover what preference management can do

Orchestrating the collection and management of customer consent and preferences is complex. And it’s no secret… the marketplace has exploded with band-aid solutions

Your charter is to orchestrate the customer journey, build trust & loyalty and retain customers. A key strategy for doing so is collecting and honoring your customers consent and preferences. But as you consider new marketing and customer service technology, multiple lines of business and the fact that your company conducts business in multiple countries, it’s hard to know where to begin. We can help you build a roadmap.

Accelerate your strategy with our implementation services

Discover what enterprise preference and consent management can do for you

People are overwhelmed with irrelevant communications and are using technology to block unwanted messages. The better you know your customers, the more effectively you can communicate with them--and relevant communication translates into more loyal and engaged customers. Let our experts show you how preference and consent management supports a customer-centric organization.

Maximize goals by understanding preference management results

Maximize your organization’s goals by understanding preference and consent management results

We help you determine the return on investment and set the metrics to analyze the results of your preference and consent management programs. Analyzing, understanding and utilizing the preference and consent management data helps you make smarter and more informed business decisions.

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Implementation Services

Accelerate your strategy with our implementation services.

What’s more important--the strategy or the implementation? The answer is both! Our project managers have broad experience across multiple industries implementing preference and consent management technology solutions. We create and manage a project plan that ensures successful and timely execution and provides a preference management solution that enables you to deliver relevant permission-based customer interactions and higher levels of customer engagement.

We ensure that you succeed by:


Crystalizing the strategic vision for your preference and consent initiative


Soliciting customer feedback and solution validation


Sharing best practices and knowledge transfer


Providing a collaborative process that drives cross-functional stakeholder alignment


Helping avoid common pitfalls


Providing a rational phased-deployment plan

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Marketing Services

Advanced Tools to Manage Online & Offline Campaigns

  • Use advanced software tools to help build cross channel marketing solutions Understand which channels generate the best customer response Learn more about how PossibleNOW provides:
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