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Reap the rewards of authentic customer relationships based on transparency, trust, and relevance

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By collecting zero-party data, understand your customer in a way that you can act on.


Collecting Usable Customer Data is the Ultimate Goal

Zero-party data is data provided by your customers pertaining to their consents, preferences, profile, and insights data. Too often, companies collect and store data that is of little or no use to them.

With MyPreferences, you’ll collect data that is of value to you and your customer engagement efforts.

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Forrester: ROI of Zero Party Data - Building Customer Trust

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Give Customers Control

MyPreferences gives your customers control over their customer experience, helping to build trust and foster valuable long-term relationships. This enables companies to engage in mutually beneficial dialogue with customers, providing value to customers in exchange for sharing zero-party data.

Companies that use MyPreferences are rewarded with deep customer insights - by allowing customers to provide direct input about who they are, what they like, and how they want to be treated. When customers feel heard, they are more willing to engage with the company and at a deeper level of relationship.

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11-Year Stock Performance of Customer Experience (CX) Leaders vs. Laggards

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Incorporate MyPreferences into your technology stack to position yourself out in front of the competition

Provide Transparency and Build Trust

Our solutions help brands grow higher levels of customer trust by providing access and control over their consent, preferences, and profile data. Businesses who honor their customers’ wishes foster customer trust and develop a clear competitive advantage.

Deepen Customer Relationships

Our solutions help companies establish authentic brand-customer relationships based in transparency, trust, and mutual benefit. Authentic relationships deepen over time.

Reduce Marketing Waste

Large enterprises commonly mail packets of member materials, policies, enrollment kits, warranty information, etc. MyPreferences enables you to migrate prospects and customers to less expensive digital communication channels based on their preferences while saving millions of dollars in print and postage expenses.

Improve Customer Experiences and Campaign Effectiveness

PossibleNOW helps companies establish relevance by enabling them to collect and utilize zero-party data on all platforms across the enterprise, resulting in highly personalized experiences. This improves marketing campaign effectiveness, increases conversion rates, and reduces opt-outs which translates into revenue growth.

Mitigate Compliance Risk

Compliance is the baseline of establishing trust with your customer. We help you establish and maintain that trust. Marketing and privacy regulations continue to grow in number and complexity, increasing the risk of non-compliance with regulations such as GDPR and CCPA. PossibleNOW’s solutions are compliant-by-design – they are created by a team of cross-functional experts that includes consultants specializing in data security and privacy regulations. So, when regulations change, so do our platforms.

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