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Collect customer feedback, survey, and opinion data anywhere along the customer journey.

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Zero-party data like customer feedback, survey and opinion data offers deep insights into your customers and positions you to provide relevant customer experiences.


Leverage our industry-leading technology to collect customer insight and build comprehensive customer profiles based on trust.

Zero-party data is information collected directly from your customers or prospects such as consent, preferences, and profile data. Now, by leveraging our industry leading technology, you can add customer feedback, survey and opinion data to gain an even more complete picture of your customer. Collecting zero-party data is one of the biggest drivers of conducting successful customer interactions. It allows you to tailor the customer experience directly to your consumer in a way that facilitates an ongoing dialogue of engagement.

Our technology allows you to collect and integrate customer information into a customer profile, in order to enhance insights to build a more holistic view of your customers. This profile data can be actively managed and controlled by your customers, so all data gathered and utilized is done with customer consent.

We integrate our customer insight data collection capabilities into all your customer touchpoints such as your website, mobile apps, and your CRM, and seamlessly incorporate that data into your overall zero-party data strategy.

Our technology also integrates into existing survey, feedback, or opinion platforms (insight data platforms) or data collection mechanisms that your company may already utilize, pulling data gathered by those third-party apps into a consolidated customer profile center for easy management by both you and your customers.

Companies that earn $1 billion a year, earn up to an additional $700 million over three years by investing in customer experience.
– QualtricsXM report, “ROI of Customer Experience, 2020”


Customer insights are gathered from many unique sources and from various points along the customer journey.

It’s important to demonstrate to the customer that you are listening to their voice by providing appropriate content and customer experiences in return. Our technology makes this easy across all aspects of the customer lifecycle, from prospecting to point-of-sale, and through implementation and support. Your company can collect insights and feedback at every point, digital or person-to-person.

    Opportunities for gaining customer insights and building trust include:

  • Preference/trust center or customer portal: As customers provide feedback within a preference or trust center, your agents can respond and open a dialogue, facilitating an opportunity to further engage.
  • Customer feedback surveys: often inquiring about a specific topic, product, or service across a select group of customers.
  • Opinion surveys: contextual in nature, often collected over the phone or via website or mobile app. These are short and specific, adding to the overall insights of what is important to a given individual.

With our zero-party data management platform, you’ll be able to collect this data from disparate sources and craft a holistic customer profile that will enable you to tailor experiences specifically to your customers. This strengthens your customer relationships and facilitates more positive engagement.

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If you’re ready to efficiently collect customer insights and utilize them to benefit your organization, contact us today. Our technology empowers building comprehensive customer profiles for better customer experiences and relationships built on trust.

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