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VIDEO: Why relationships must be compliant

Give people a voice with preference management

The new breed of customer wants to control the conversation. They want to engage with your company on their terms. Preference management is what accomplishes this — and more!

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I'm New to Preference Management

Solve these privacy compliance issues

Research Report on Top Emerging Martech for B2C Marketers

Collect preferences at all touchpoints;
Store preferences in centralized preference center

Let customers and prospects correct and control the conversation with your company or brand so that you can deliver more targeted, relevant communications.


Enhance Marketing with Our Data Services

Enhance marketing with our data services

Understanding and managing the data about your customers and prospects enables more complete and responsive digital marketing campaigns. Today’s multi-channel world means designing more effective cross-channel campaigns by continuously updating customer profiles. PossibleNOW’s data services provide the insights into your customers to better determine target audiences, how to reach them, and when.

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Read our FAQs about enterprise preference management.

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What Our Customers Say

We could go on forever about the benefits of preference management, but sometimes it’s better to let our customers do the talking.

Listen to their challenges and solutions — and get inspired!


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Research Report on Top Emerging Martech for B2C Marketers