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Manage B2B and B2C Preferences

Data Insights & Management

Enable more complete and responsive digital campaigns. Get a continuously updated view of your customers with knowledge about how they interact across all channels with your brand. Use this data to personalize communications.

Our data management platform can uniquely pin your customers across all interaction points, both offline and online, giving you greater visibility into the customer experience.

Keep your databases up to date with appropriate profile information. Append data to existing records or let us generate new lists to improve your internal marketing databases.

Our Mobile Scoring Service determines the likelihood that a person is still associated with a specific cell phone number. That likelihood is shown as a confidence score. You help ensure TCPA compliance and reduce risk of significant fines by improving the likelihood that you are calling the person who gave permission to contact them on their cell phone.

Handle Concent Compliance

Digital Services

Integrate your online and offline channels into a single environment to get a unified view of each customer to optimize communications.

  • Create highly personalized messaging across all marketing channels for each customer
  • Create synergy across all channels for the timing and delivery of marketing messages
  • Report and track customer responsiveness by channel
  • Optimize marketing ROI through cost analysis of each channel
  • Use customer preferences to honor privacy wishes and ensure regulatory compliance
Preference Management

Marketing Campaign Management

Our advanced tools for cross-channel marketing campaign management creates highly personalized and targeted communications.

  • Create trigger-based communications to react to the behavior of a customer or prospect
  • Track, measure and report marketing efficiencies across all channels
  • Manage multiple data sources across each campaign; deliver offers based on targeted segments
  • Manage communication frequency to avoid marketing fatigue
  • Ensure compliance with all relevant rules and regulations

What Our Customers Say

We could go on forever about the benefits of enterprise preference management, but sometimes it’s better to let our customers do the talking.

Listen to their challenges and solutions — and get inspired!


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