Consent, Preference, & Insight Data for Retail

Leverage consent, preference, & insight data to enhance customer experiences in the retail sector. 

With personalization, you can drive new and returning shoppers - whether through e-commerce, brick & mortar, or both.


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Retail Is Changing


The Retail Industry Is Changing Rapidly

Retail customers expect to be able to search, browse, and shop over their preferred digital channel, at any time of day. This expectation is driven by the emergence of new disruptive digital e-commerce options, overnight delivery, and hassle free returns that challenges traditional brick-and-mortar stores. According to a 2023 survey by Square, businesses report that 43% of revenue comes from digital sales – but that 81% of retailers are planning to expand their digital channel options over the next year.

As the industry evolves, retailers must be prepared to not only keep up, but draw ahead of the competition. The best way is by enabling your business to deliver personalized and connected customer experiences, based on individual preferences (e.g., items of interest, quantities, color options, sizes, and more) to expand customer engagement.

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Incentivize Customers to Share Their Interests

As the retail industry shifts more towards digital experiences, tailoring your messaging to your customers’ interests is crucial.

Motivating customers to share their preferences allows you to personalize your content, increasing the likelihood of a purchase and their repeat business. But individualizing messages is increasingly difficult due to the depreciation of third-party cookies and the inaccuracy of big data. So, to ensure shoppers return, provide the ability and motivation for customers to easily share which of your offerings are of interest and their preferred communication channel via preference centers, websites, mobile devices, email opt-down pages, and service centers.

  1. Consider the myriad ways customers engage: It’s no longer solely in-store or online, but across social media, streaming platforms, mobile, desktop, and more.
  2. Design opt-down pages rather than global opt-outs, allowing customers to state preferred methods of communication, topics and interests, frequency, and more.
  3. Provide value in return, tailoring engagement to what matters most to the customer, incentives, and first looks to entice them to return again.

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Data Integration for the Retail Industry

Streamlining customer consent and preference management requires smooth data sharing within your retail organization, whether in real-time or batch updates. Our advanced data integration platform offers ready-made connectors for most CRMs, ESPs, and MAPs, ensuring easy alignment with your existing tech stack while staying compliant with data privacy rules at all levels. Staying up-to-date with technology and evolving regulations safeguards your tech investments for the future.

Data Integration

Staying current with the best technology and evolving regulatory compliance, future-proofs your technology investment.

Retail Shoppers Require Trust


Retail Shoppers Require Trust

Customers choose to patronize brands they trust, willingly returning again and again. Building trust includes being transparent about how you collect and use the customer data they choose to share as they browse and shop. Implementing the right zero-party data strategy encourages customers to share their consents and preferences with both in-store service and during increasingly complex digital interactions.

Prepare for the Future of Retail


Prepare for the Future of Retail

Our strategic consulting experts use decades of industry best-practices and advanced data management techniques to recommend solutions that work for your specific retail business and customers, whether new or returning. As the retail industry changes with evolving digital marketplace options, your business must adapt or risk being left behind. Build a better customer experience, increase efficiency, and provide cost-effective service for your customers. Speak to one of our experts today.

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