Scott Frey

President & CEO

Management Team

PossibleNOW brings strategic thinking and expertise around preference management and customer experience that you won’t find anywhere else.

-- Scott Frey, CEO


Scott Frey

Scott Frey is the original founder of PossibleNOW formed in 2000. Today he serves as the President and Chief Executive Officer for PossibleNOW, Inc. and PossibleNOW’s wholly-owned subsidiary, CompliancePoint. Scott is responsible for the business growth and acquisition strategy, product development initiatives, and all sales and marketing strategy for both companies. Scott specializes in designing technology and professional services solutions to solve complex business challenges related to marketing and compliance operations.

Scott's significant insight has been instrumental in the development and delivery of high value technology solutions and services. His energy and vision have contributed to the company’s steady annual growth, profitability and thought leadership.

Under Scott's tenure as CEO, the company has evolved from a marketing compliance solution provider solving privacy and compliance issues, to a more diverse organization that helps companies leverage PossibleNOW’s Enterprise preference management solutions to deliver relevant, targeted, personalized communications to their customers and prospects, increasing profitability and customer loyalty.

Prior to PossibleNOW, Scott served for 12 years as the Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for CCS Technology, an Atlanta-based enterprise infrastructure, professional services and technology company.


Transforming Trust

"Transforming trust to drive deep customer experiences in these new times."

 - Ernan Roman, ERDM VoC Innovators​

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