Solutions & services for GDPR and CCPA compliance Read More

Solutions & services for GDPR and CCPA compliance Read More

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Honor your customer’s preferences while ensuring GDPR and ePrivacy compliance.

GDPR Compliance Solutions & Services

GDPR and ePrivacy Compliance

GDPR regulations and anticipated ePrivacy regulations require marketers to collect express consent prior to communicating with EU data subjects . Therefore, it is important to ensure consent is collected at the right point, with the correct content, in the right language and locale. To streamline this process, developers need access to pre-approved, pre-configured data.

The MyPreferences preference data platform solves for this by providing virtually unlimited capabilities for configuring consent and preference capture based on required use cases, local legislation types and other mitigating factors.

MyPreferences provides:

Deep preference and consent segmentation capabilities

Customizable consent language based on locale, geolocation, customer types, etc.

Support of express (click a check box)

Storage of the consent using pseudonymous IDs

Ability for consent to enable additional preference collections

Revocation of consent to automatically opt-out of hierarchical consents

Consent audit history including consent text, date/time, and source of consent capture

GDPR Compliance Solutions & Services

GDPR Consent Quick Start Program

Looking for an out-of-the-box solution to comply with the requirements of GDPR quickly?
Our GDPR Consent Quick Start Program enables companies to deploy consent capture capabilities, providing the ability to comply with GDPR consent collection requirements. Utilizing functionality of MyPreferences, our platform provides the ability to capture and correct consent at a granular level, transactionalize the consent, and maintain consent history and the disclosure language used.

The GDPR Consent Quick Start Program implements out-of-the-box functionality to comply with GDPR quickly, as well as the ability to expand the functionality, design, and reach across the enterprise, allowing for full utilization of the MyPreferences consent and preference management platform.

The Quick Start Program uses a consent management portal that provides:

  • Configurable consent collection and management
  • Standalone webpages branded with the client logo
  • Consent capture capabilities that can integrate into contextualized points along the customer journey such as the website or campaign workflows
  • Multi-lingual capabilities that are configurable based on country, region, or locale
  • One-click method for revoking consent
  • Full auditable history of all consent actions taken

It’s no secret that the marketplace has exploded with band-aid solutions for GDPR consent compliance. But the liability associated with the new GDPR regulation is significant, and most large companies know they need a scalable platform that can capture, manage and archive consent across channels and across the enterprise.
The Quick Start Program addresses key requirements as listed in the Global Data Protection Regulation such as:

  • Lawfulness of processing (Article 6)
  • Right of access (Article 15)
  • Right to rectification (Article 16)
  • Right to be forgotten (Article 17)
  • Transparency and modalities (Article 12)

I need to comply with GDPR best practices

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