Need help getting started? Catalyst provides insights and guidance enterprises need to build a business case and a plan for implementing zero-party data (preferences, consent, & insights data) strategies successfully. This plan will help you regardless of whether you leverage our platform or build one inhouse.

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Zero-Party Data

  • Unique to brand
    No other competitor has the data or can buy it
  • Ultimate "source of truth"
    Customers provide data directly and voluntarily
  • Relationship based
    Customer's level of trust leads to their willingness to share their data
  • Mutually beneficial
    Customers receive value in exchange for data they share


A Consultative Approach to Establishing Your Zero-Party Data Strategy

Our strategic consulting team will guide clients through a proven methodology to ensure their organization has a clear plan forward to enable a personalized, relevant, and compliant marketing approach to preference management, consent, and insights management.

A Catalyst engagement positions you to:

  1. Identify high-impact ROI & ROMI opportunities
  2. Increase revenue from new channels
  3. Improve customer loyalty
  4. Reduce compliance and regulatory action risks
  5. Provide a high-level roadmap and deployment plan
  6. Provide the basis for organizational alignment
  7. Leverage subject matter expertise and knowledge transfer
  8. Enhance clarity of brand promise & trusted relationships
  9. Create seamless cross-channel content & conversion strategies


Engagement Overview


  • Onsite Discovery – week 1
    Structured deep dive discovery session with goal to understand current gaps and needs
  • Development and Analysis – week 2
    Review onsite findings, organization supplied artifacts, supplemental research into high level gap assessment and key themes
  • Business case and value drivers – week 4
    Initial draft of key ROI components with supporting dollar contributions
  • Final workstream deliverables – week 6
    Provide executive summary PowerPoint deliverables and recommendations


  • Current and future state recommendations
    Deep dive discover sessions with key functional stakeholder – summary findings/themes
  • Industry best practices & UX/UI examples
    Thought leadership and knowledge transfer with relevant industry wireframe examples
  • Identification of key business case drivers
    Identify, collect, and prioritize key value drivers across the organization. Quantify ROI.
  • Rationalized Implementation Roadmap
    Prioritized preference, consent, and insights management roadmap

Book a free 30-minute session with an experienced strategist

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